SparseSpatialMapResult Class

Inherits: FrameFilterResult


Describes the result of mapping and localization. Updated at the same frame rate with OutputFrame.


Obtain motion tracking status.

C: easyar_MotionTrackingStatus easyar_SparseSpatialMapResult_getMotionTrackingStatus(const easyar_SparseSpatialMapResult * This)
C++17: MotionTrackingStatus getMotionTrackingStatus()
Traditional C++: MotionTrackingStatus getMotionTrackingStatus()
Java: public int getMotionTrackingStatus()
Kotlin: fun getMotionTrackingStatus(): Int
Objective-C: - (easyar_MotionTrackingStatus)getMotionTrackingStatus
Swift: public func getMotionTrackingStatus() -> MotionTrackingStatus
C#: public virtual MotionTrackingStatus getMotionTrackingStatus()


Returns pose of the origin of VIO system in camera coordinate system.

C: easyar_OptionalOfMatrix44F easyar_SparseSpatialMapResult_getVioPose(const easyar_SparseSpatialMapResult * This)
C++17: std::optional<Matrix44F> getVioPose()
Traditional C++: OptionalOfMatrix44F getVioPose()
Java: public @Nullable Matrix44F getVioPose()
Kotlin: fun getVioPose(): Matrix44F?
Objective-C: - (easyar_Matrix44F *)getVioPose
Swift: public func getVioPose() -> Matrix44F?
C#: public virtual Optional<Matrix44F> getVioPose()


Returns the pose of origin of the map in camera coordinate system, when localization is successful.

Otherwise, returns pose of the origin of VIO system in camera coordinate system.

C: easyar_OptionalOfMatrix44F easyar_SparseSpatialMapResult_getMapPose(const easyar_SparseSpatialMapResult * This)
C++17: std::optional<Matrix44F> getMapPose()
Traditional C++: OptionalOfMatrix44F getMapPose()
Java: public @Nullable Matrix44F getMapPose()
Kotlin: fun getMapPose(): Matrix44F?
Objective-C: - (easyar_Matrix44F *)getMapPose
Swift: public func getMapPose() -> Matrix44F?
C#: public virtual Optional<Matrix44F> getMapPose()


Returns true if the system can reliablly locate the pose of the device with regard to the map.

Once relocalization succeeds, relative pose can be updated by motion tracking module.

As long as the motion tracking module returns normal tracking status, the localization status is also true.

C: bool easyar_SparseSpatialMapResult_getLocalizationStatus(const easyar_SparseSpatialMapResult * This)
C++17: bool getLocalizationStatus()
Traditional C++: bool getLocalizationStatus()
Java: public boolean getLocalizationStatus()
Kotlin: fun getLocalizationStatus(): Boolean
Objective-C: - (bool)getLocalizationStatus
Swift: public func getLocalizationStatus() -> Bool
C#: public virtual bool getLocalizationStatus()


Returns current localized map ID.

C: void easyar_SparseSpatialMapResult_getLocalizationMapID(const easyar_SparseSpatialMapResult * This, easyar_String * * Return)
C++17: std::string getLocalizationMapID()
Traditional C++: void getLocalizationMapID(String * * Return)
Java: public java.lang.@Nonnull String getLocalizationMapID()
Kotlin: fun getLocalizationMapID(): String
Objective-C: - (NSString *)getLocalizationMapID
Swift: public func getLocalizationMapID() -> String
C#: public virtual string getLocalizationMapID()