InputFrameRecorder Class


Input frame recorder.

There is an input frame input port and an input frame output port. It can be used to record input frames into an EIF file. Refer to Overview _ .

All members of this class is thread-safe.


Input port.

C: void easyar_InputFrameRecorder_input(easyar_InputFrameRecorder * This, easyar_InputFrameSink * * Return)
C++17: std::shared_ptr<InputFrameSink> input()
Traditional C++: void input(InputFrameSink * * Return)
Java: public @Nonnull InputFrameSink input()
Kotlin: fun input(): InputFrameSink
Objective-C: - (easyar_InputFrameSink *)input
Swift: public func input() -> InputFrameSink
C#: public virtual InputFrameSink input()


Camera buffers occupied in this component.

C: int easyar_InputFrameRecorder_bufferRequirement(easyar_InputFrameRecorder * This)
C++17: int bufferRequirement()
Traditional C++: int bufferRequirement()
Java: public int bufferRequirement()
Kotlin: fun bufferRequirement(): Int
Objective-C: - (int)bufferRequirement
Swift: public func bufferRequirement() -> Int32
C#: public virtual int bufferRequirement()


Output port.

C: void easyar_InputFrameRecorder_output(easyar_InputFrameRecorder * This, easyar_InputFrameSource * * Return)
C++17: std::shared_ptr<InputFrameSource> output()
Traditional C++: void output(InputFrameSource * * Return)
Java: public @Nonnull InputFrameSource output()
Kotlin: fun output(): InputFrameSource
Objective-C: - (easyar_InputFrameSource *)output
Swift: public func output() -> InputFrameSource
C#: public virtual InputFrameSource output()


Creates an instance.

C: void easyar_InputFrameRecorder_create(easyar_InputFrameRecorder * * Return)
C++17: static std::shared_ptr<InputFrameRecorder> create()
Traditional C++: static void create(InputFrameRecorder * * Return)
Java: public static @Nonnull InputFrameRecorder create()
Kotlin: companion object fun create(): InputFrameRecorder
Objective-C: + (easyar_InputFrameRecorder *)create
Swift: public static func create() -> InputFrameRecorder
C#: public static InputFrameRecorder create()


Starts frame recording.

C: bool easyar_InputFrameRecorder_start(easyar_InputFrameRecorder * This, easyar_String * filePath)
C++17: bool start(std::string filePath)
Traditional C++: bool start(String * filePath)
Java: public boolean start(java.lang.@Nonnull String filePath)
Kotlin: fun start(filePath: String): Boolean
Objective-C: - (bool)start:(NSString *)filePath
Swift: public func start(_ filePath: String) -> Bool
C#: public virtual bool start(string filePath)


Stops frame recording. It will only stop recording and will not affect connection.

C: void easyar_InputFrameRecorder_stop(easyar_InputFrameRecorder * This)
C++17: void stop()
Traditional C++: void stop()
Java: public void stop()
Kotlin: fun stop(): Unit
Objective-C: - (void)stop
Swift: public func stop() -> Void
C#: public virtual void stop()