OutputFrame Class


Output frame.

It includes input frame and results of synchronous components.


C: void easyar_OutputFrame__ctor(easyar_InputFrame * inputFrame, easyar_ListOfOptionalOfFrameFilterResult * results, easyar_OutputFrame * * Return)
C++17: OutputFrame(std::shared_ptr<InputFrame> inputFrame, std::vector<std::optional<std::shared_ptr<FrameFilterResult>>> results)
Traditional C++: OutputFrame(InputFrame * inputFrame, ListOfOptionalOfFrameFilterResult * results)
Java: public OutputFrame(@Nonnull InputFrame inputFrame, java.util.@Nonnull ArrayList<@Nullable FrameFilterResult> results)
Kotlin: constructor(inputFrame: InputFrame, results: ArrayList<FrameFilterResult?>)
Objective-C: + (easyar_OutputFrame *) create:(easyar_InputFrame *)inputFrame results:(NSArray<easyar_FrameFilterResult *> *)results
Swift: public convenience init(_ inputFrame: InputFrame, _ results: [FrameFilterResult?])
C#: public OutputFrame(InputFrame inputFrame, List<Optional<FrameFilterResult>> results)


Index, an automatic incremental value, which is different for every output frame.

C: int easyar_OutputFrame_index(const easyar_OutputFrame * This)
C++17: int index()
Traditional C++: int index()
Java: public int index()
Kotlin: fun index(): Int
Objective-C: - (int)index
Swift: public func index() -> Int32
C#: public virtual int index()


Corresponding input frame.

C: void easyar_OutputFrame_inputFrame(const easyar_OutputFrame * This, easyar_InputFrame * * Return)
C++17: std::shared_ptr<InputFrame> inputFrame()
Traditional C++: void inputFrame(InputFrame * * Return)
Java: public @Nonnull InputFrame inputFrame()
Kotlin: fun inputFrame(): InputFrame
Objective-C: - (easyar_InputFrame *)inputFrame
Swift: public func inputFrame() -> InputFrame
C#: public virtual InputFrame inputFrame()


Results of synchronous components.

C: void easyar_OutputFrame_results(const easyar_OutputFrame * This, easyar_ListOfOptionalOfFrameFilterResult * * Return)
C++17: std::vector<std::optional<std::shared_ptr<FrameFilterResult>>> results()
Traditional C++: void results(ListOfOptionalOfFrameFilterResult * * Return)
Java: public java.util.@Nonnull ArrayList<@Nullable FrameFilterResult> results()
Kotlin: fun results(): ArrayList<FrameFilterResult?>
Objective-C: - (NSArray<easyar_FrameFilterResult *> *)results
Swift: public func results() -> [FrameFilterResult?]
C#: public virtual List<Optional<FrameFilterResult>> results()