EasyAR Sense 3.1.0 backports many design optimizations and bug fixes from 4.0.0.

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin are upgraded to the new version with great improvements,

Detailed changes are as bellow,

EasyAR Sense

+ add functionalities in CameraDevice to get camera count, camera index, to get camera front and rear location (not supported on Mac) and to open camera for specific location
+ add camera buffer requirement reporting in various components for CameraDevice.setBufferCapacity
* language binding: update Swift to Swift 5
* do not distinguish Basic and Pro binary packages any more
* switch CloundRecognitionService from use of AppKey to ApiKey
* fix limited pixel resolutions on iOS, which makes it possible to use a full view on iPad
* fix the crash problem on some iPad devices with a high pixel resolution
* fix the support for Google Play Store Android App Bundle
* fix the problem that ImageTracker.unloadTarget and ObjectTracker.unloadTarget can not unload targets
* fix some stability problems

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin

++ restore Sense 2.3-like interface design and behaviors with tons of improvements
+ add popup message for critical fails (can be turned off from EasyARController)
+ Components: most components can use Unity Component's enabled to control start/stop
+ Component ARSenssion: entrance for AR, control center mode, with ability to support external devices like custom cameras and eyewears
+ Component ARAssembly: demonstrate the assembly process of component-based API of EasyAR Sense, support all EasyAR Sense components
+ Component ImageTargetController: refined to hold different types of input, support images and .etd files from local filesystem or web URL
+ Component CameraImageRenderer: camera image rendering can be disabled by disabling this component
+ Scene: add target gizmo to show target details in Unity Editor
+ Asset: add global service settings entry and gizmo control
+ Window: add window to generate image target data (.etd file)
+ Window: add menu entry to jump to license key and other global settings
* fix one frame lag in target tracking
* fix blocking target load, reduce loading time
* fix target size
* many other improvements and bug fixes

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin Samples

++ add back all missing samples from Sense 2.3
+ add a sample launcher to load all samples
+ add onscreen info for component status in all samples
+ add sample to demonstrate eyewear support
+ add sample to demonstrate how to make surface tracking work together with image tracking
+ add sample to demonstrate how to get camera image texture and how to control camera display
+ add sample to demonstrate how to change the video aspect ratio (Unity VideoPlayer feature) to fit image target
+ add sample to demonstrate extended tracking start from image
+ cloud recognition sample now use local cache and stop request when tracking to demonstrate a more real case
+ coloring3D sample is optimized and bugs have been fixed