EasyAR Sense is an Augmented Reality Engine providing sensing abilities of the real world. EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin is a Unity plugin for EasyAR Sense.

EasyAR Sense 4.0 provides you with four subscription modes: Personal Edition (Free), Professional Edition (Monthly Payment), Classic Edition (One-Time Payment) and Enterprise Edition (Customized).

Details on features, pricing and payment methods can be found on the Product page and Price page.

In 4.0, EasyAR Sense not only provides all the features in version 3.x, but also adds new algorithm components and platform support. For example, Sparse Spatial Map provides the ability to scan the environment to generate Sparse 3D point cloud maps in real time. Dense Spatial Map supports the real-time generation of 3D grid Map by scanning the environment, and enables the effects of collision and occlusion. Motion Tracking makes virtual objects more stable in space and reduces the drift caused by camera movement.