EasyAR 1.2.0 has two major improvements on user experience.

  1. Tracking stability has been dramatically improved. It is more accurate and robust.

  2. For Unity3D users, Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package on Windows is not a requirement anymore.

Detailed changes made since EasyAR 1.1.0 include the following.

+ dramatically improved tracking stability and accuracy
+ Unity: removed dependency of Visual C++ runtime library
+ Unity: added OpenGLCore support for Unity 5.3+
+ Unity: added more guide for first use
+ Unity: added an option to turn off video not support message
* fixed iOS video playback black in some conditions
* fixed Android video playback on some devices
* Unity: minor changes of some interfaces
* Unity: fixed invalid aabb
* Unity: fixed Unity 5 gray screen when create use prefab
* Unity: fixed the compatibility of postbuild script in Unity 4.7
* other refines and bug fixes
* put one Unity sample into the package