TargetInstance Class


TargetInstance is the tracked target by trackers.

An TargetInstance contains a raw Target that is tracked and current status and pose of the Target .


C: void easyar_TargetInstance__ctor(easyar_TargetInstance * * Return)
C++17: TargetInstance()
Traditional C++: TargetInstance()
Java: public TargetInstance()
Kotlin: constructor()
Objective-C: + (easyar_TargetInstance *) create
Swift: public convenience init()
C#: public TargetInstance()


Returns current status of the tracked target. Usually you can check if the status equals TargetStatus.Tracked to determine current status of the target.

C: easyar_TargetStatus easyar_TargetInstance_status(const easyar_TargetInstance * This)
C++17: TargetStatus status()
Traditional C++: TargetStatus status()
Java: public int status()
Kotlin: fun status(): Int
Objective-C: - (easyar_TargetStatus)status
Swift: public func status() -> TargetStatus
C#: public virtual TargetStatus status()


Gets the raw target. It will return the same Target you loaded into a tracker if it was previously loaded into the tracker.

C: void easyar_TargetInstance_target(const easyar_TargetInstance * This, easyar_OptionalOfTarget * Return)
C++17: std::optional<std::shared_ptr<Target>> target()
Traditional C++: void target(Target * * Return)
Java: public @Nullable Target target()
Kotlin: fun target(): Target?
Objective-C: - (easyar_Target *)target
Swift: public func target() -> Target?
C#: public virtual Optional<Target> target()


Returns current pose of the tracked target. Camera coordinate system and target coordinate system are all right-handed. For the camera coordinate system, the origin is the optical center, x-right, y-up, and z in the direction of light going into camera. (The right and up, on mobile devices, is the right and up when the device is in the natural orientation.) The data arrangement is row-major, not like OpenGL's column-major.

C: easyar_Matrix44F easyar_TargetInstance_pose(const easyar_TargetInstance * This)
C++17: Matrix44F pose()
Traditional C++: Matrix44F pose()
Java: public @Nonnull Matrix44F pose()
Kotlin: fun pose(): Matrix44F
Objective-C: - (easyar_Matrix44F *)pose
Swift: public func pose() -> Matrix44F
C#: public virtual Matrix44F pose()