SurfaceTrackerResult Class

Inherits: FrameFilterResult


Result of SurfaceTracker .


Camera transform against world coordinate system. Camera coordinate system and world coordinate system are all right-handed. For the camera coordinate system, the origin is the optical center, x-right, y-up, and z in the direction of light going into camera. (The right and up, on mobile devices, is the right and up when the device is in the natural orientation.) For the world coordinate system, y is up (to the opposite of gravity). The data arrangement is row-major, not like OpenGL's column-major.

C: easyar_Matrix44F easyar_SurfaceTrackerResult_transform(const easyar_SurfaceTrackerResult * This)
C++17: Matrix44F transform()
Traditional C++: Matrix44F transform()
Java: public @Nonnull Matrix44F transform()
Kotlin: fun transform(): Matrix44F
Objective-C: - (easyar_Matrix44F *)transform
Swift: public func transform() -> Matrix44F
C#: public virtual Matrix44F transform()


(until 3.0.1)

Gets the currenting tracking status.

C: easyar_SurfaceTrackingStatus easyar_SurfaceTrackerResult_status(const easyar_SurfaceTrackerResult * This)
C++17: SurfaceTrackingStatus status()
Traditional C++: SurfaceTrackingStatus status()
Java: public int status()
Kotlin: fun status(): Int
Objective-C: - (easyar_SurfaceTrackingStatus)status
Swift: public func status() -> SurfaceTrackingStatus
C#: public virtual SurfaceTrackingStatus status()