ImmediateCallbackScheduler Class

Inherits: CallbackScheduler


Immediate callback scheduler.

It is used to mark callback to be invoked when event is dispatched, and it can be used in multi-threaded environments (such as server or service daemon).

All members of this class is thread-safe.


Gets a default immediate callback scheduler.

C: void easyar_ImmediateCallbackScheduler_getDefault(easyar_ImmediateCallbackScheduler * * Return)
C++17: static std::shared_ptr<ImmediateCallbackScheduler> getDefault()
Traditional C++: static void getDefault(ImmediateCallbackScheduler * * Return)
Java: public static @Nonnull ImmediateCallbackScheduler getDefault()
Kotlin: companion object fun getDefault(): ImmediateCallbackScheduler
Objective-C: + (easyar_ImmediateCallbackScheduler *)getDefault
Swift: public static func getDefault() -> ImmediateCallbackScheduler
C#: public static ImmediateCallbackScheduler getDefault()