DelayedCallbackScheduler Class

Inherits: CallbackScheduler


Delayed callback scheduler.

It is used to delay callback to be invoked manually, and it can be used in single-threaded environments (such as various UI environments).

All members of this class is thread-safe.


C: void easyar_DelayedCallbackScheduler__ctor(easyar_DelayedCallbackScheduler * * Return)
C++17: DelayedCallbackScheduler()
Traditional C++: DelayedCallbackScheduler()
Java: public DelayedCallbackScheduler()
Kotlin: constructor()
Objective-C: + (easyar_DelayedCallbackScheduler *) create
Swift: public convenience init()
C#: public DelayedCallbackScheduler()


Executes a callback. If there is no callback to execute, false is returned.

C: bool easyar_DelayedCallbackScheduler_runOne(easyar_DelayedCallbackScheduler * This)
C++17: bool runOne()
Traditional C++: bool runOne()
Java: public boolean runOne()
Kotlin: fun runOne(): Boolean
Objective-C: - (bool)runOne
Swift: public func runOne() -> Bool
C#: public virtual bool runOne()