EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin is a very thin wrapper build above EasyAR Sense C# API to expose EasyAR Sense features into Unity. See EasyAR Sense 4.2.0 release note.

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin 4.2.0 adds InputFrameRecorder/InpuptFramePlayer support, which can be used to test and diagnose device runtime effects in editor. There are also some bug fixes to improve user experience in this version.

Detailed changes are as bellow,

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin

+ add InputFrameRecorder/InpuptFramePlayer support
+ motion tracker calibration data will be updated from server by default
* reorganize files
* simplify hit test callings
* fix target not lost after tracker destroy
* fix camera image 180 degree rotation in some cases
* fix image color when using linear color space

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin Samples

+ add FrameRecording sample to demonstrate InputFrameRecorder/InpuptFramePlayer usages
* optimize motion tracking sample plane detection