EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin is a very thin wrapper build above EasyAR Sense C# API to expose EasyAR Sense features into Unity. See EasyAR Sense 4.1.0 release note.

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin 4.1.0 adds some minor features and fixes to improve user experience.

Detailed changes are as bellow,

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin

+ full documentation for the plugin is available now directly in the scripts
+ detailed documentation for the plugin usage and sample explanation are online
+ rewrite CloudLocalizerFrameFilter to provide single-shot scan support
* fix invert culling pollution to other cameras in the scene when render camera image flipped using ARHorizontalFlipMode.World
* fix image target gizmo display on high dpi display
* fix camera image rotation of RGB/RGBA pixel type

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin Samples

* rewrite MotionTracking sample to demonstrate motion tracking plane detection
* rewrite ImageTracking_CloudRecognition sample to use new interface
* change ImageTracking_Targets sample to use horizontal and vertical placed image targets