EasyAR Sense 4.3.0 adds some minor features and fixes compatibility issues.

Detailed changes are as bellow,

+ add MotionTrackerCameraDevice.getQualityLevel to get Motion Tracking quality on the device
+ add MotionTrackerCameraDevice.setTrackingMode to support use of different tracking modes
+ add supported device models for MotionTracking
+ add compatibility description for ARCoreCameraDevice on Android 11
* in MotionTracking, we have optimized hittest
* in MotionTracking, we have improved the robustness in big scenes
* in DenseSpatialMap, we have decreased block size to optimize performance for incremental update
* update XCode to 12 and minimum iOS version to 9.0
* update Android Gradle Plugin to 4.1.0 and NDK to r22
* fix compatibility issues with HelloARRecording sample on Android 10 and Android 11
* fix occasional crashes for CameraDevice with camera2 on Android
* fix some stability problems