EasyAR Sense 4.1.0 adds some minor features and fixes to improve user experience.

Detailed changes are as bellow,

+ MotionTrackerCameraDevice now supports hit test and local point cloud fetching
+ CloudRecognizer now supports single-shot scan
+ API documentation now supports cross-reference links
- split Unity Plugin documentation
- remove ImageTarget.setupAll and ObjectTarget.setupAll, and sample code for JSON-based ImageTarget loading is added for Android and iOS
* fix CameraDevice(Camera1).setSize on Android for buffer-count-related multithreading race condition(which causes camera image to be abnormal)
* fix CameraDevice(Camera2).supportedSizeAndroid for erroneous return values
* fix CameraDevice.supportedFrameRateRangeLower and CameraDevice.supportedFrameRateRangeUpper on Android for crashes
* fix SparseSpatialMap for data corruption with over-1MB map
* CameraDevice.setSize don’t modify CameraParameters now, instead a new CameraParameters is calculated on InputFrame generation
* fix crash in Swift binding on XCode 11.4 and later versions
* fix some stability problems