EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin

This is the document for EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin pre-release to support latest EasyAR Mega service.

EasyAR Mega provides city-scale AR cloud solution, you can visit https://www.easyar.com/mega.html to learn details. You must Apply for Using, and you can use this version only after your apply approved.

The main body of EasyAR Mega is cloud computing, not SDK. EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin is part of the products to support EasyAR Mega capability. Usually, you need to focus more on the whole service and development tools. If you are new to EasyAR Mega, we do not suggest developing apps using SDK directly. Please read Getting Started for EasyAR Mega (in Chinese) if you have not used the full solution yet and learn EasyAR Mega through various tools listed.

Make sure to learn latest compatibility change from Plugin Upgrade and Version Compatibility before you use this version, or an upgrade action when you receive an update notice from tools.