ARSceneBaseBehaviour Class

Inherits: TargetAbstractBehaviour


EasyAR implements SLAM on Android and iOS devices with special optimizations, it is not recommended to run SLAM on Windows or Mac. The algorithm effects will be totally different. SLAM for Windows and Mac is only for development purpose, to ease content creation.

ARSceneBaseBehaviour is the component to control ARScene in the AR scene.

You should set ARSceneBaseBehaviour to be the parent of 3D contents that associate with the target. The transform between ARCamera and tracked Target is controlled by EasyAR.

To use ARSceneBaseBehaviour you only need to add it in the scene. ARSceneTrackerBaseBehaviour will automatically find the ARScene. Only one ARSceneBaseBehaviour is allowed in the scene.

Public Fields

ARScene Target

Overwritten MonoBahaviour Functions

protected virtual void Awake()
protected virtual void OnDestroy()

ARScene Target

The ARScene object.