Demonstrate how to use surface tracking and image tracking together.

How to Use

Mark 1: Display system status and operation hint.
Mark 2: Switch world center mode.
Mark 3: Start/Stop tracking.

Move the cube on the surface with on finger. Two finger pinch will scale the cube and two finger horizontal move will rotate the cube.

How It Works

Use surface tracking and image tracking together

To use surface tracking and image tracking together, just put them under the same ARSession.


Tracking on/off

Surface tracking and image tracking can be turned on or off using SurfaceTrackerFrameFilter.enabled and ImageTrackerFrameFilter.enabled.. You can turn the tracking off when it is not used to save performance, it will not turn off the camera or any other tracking features.

../../_images/image_s12_2.png ../../_images/image_s12_3.png

Center mode

In ARSession.ARCenterMode.SessionOrigin the camera will move automatically when the device moves, and the WorldRoot stay. In ARSession.ARCenterMode.Camera, the camera do not automatically move when the device moves. For other center modes, please reference Center mode.