RealTimeCoordinateTransform Class

This type is an EasyAR Sense API in C#: RealTimeCoordinateTransform . Some descriptions may not apply to Unity environment on this page.

Some parts of the Sense API may have already been wrapped into Unity components, and directly usages may not be necessary.




public RealTimeCoordinateTransform()

Create RealTimeCoordinateTransform object.



public virtual void setBufferSize(int capacity)

Set buffer size,the unit of capacity is seconds. The data within capacity seconds from now will be saved.

BufferSize represents the capacity of the buffer. If there is more than capacity seconds of data in the buffer, the latest data will be input to the buffer and the oldest frame of data will be released.



public virtual int getBufferSize()

Get buffer capacity. The default is 15 seconds. The data within 15 seconds from now will be saved.



public virtual bool insertData(double timestamp, Matrix44F localTwc, Matrix44F mapTcw)

Input data to the cache, the data includes localTwc and mapTcw at the time timestamp. localTwc means camera pose at local coordinates, mapTcw means the camera pose at the localized map coordinates.



public virtual Matrix44F getPoseInMap(double timestamp, MotionTrackingStatus status, Matrix44F localTwc)

Returns the camera pose in the localized map after insert motionTracking status and localTwc at the time timestamp. localTwc means camera pose at local coordinates.