Problem Reporting

Problem Reporting Routes

If you encounter a problem with EasyAR Sense, you can search FAQs.

If you can not find it in FAQs, you can search Q&A . If there is no related problem, or the problem is not solved, please ask a question in Q&A.

If the problem involves sensitive information such as your EasyAR developer account or cloud service tokens, please contact us via the customer service email address in Contact Us .

Information Required for Problem Reporting

  • EasyAR Sense version

    After calling Engine.initialize , the version number will be printed in console log, as follows

    EasyAR Sense (Windows-x86_64) Version
  • Problem reproduction steps. If the problem can not be triggered consistently, please give a clear indication.

  • Crash reason, code call stack and dynamic library load address, if the problem is a crash.

    Retrieval method differs depending on operating systems and development environments. We will describe them below individually.

    With the use of address space layout randomization(ASLR) in modern operating systems, load addresses of dynamic libraries will vary between runs, thus code call stack and dynamic library load address need to be retrieved in the same run.

    If the code call stack does not refer to EasyAR library, it probably indicates that the problem does not lie in EasyAR Sense.

Crash Information on Windows

The information when debugging with Visual Studio is as below.


The crash reason is

Exception thrown at 0x00007FFB7747317B (EasyAR.dll) in HelloAR.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x0000000000009C40.

The code call stack is

>   EasyAR.dll!00007ffb7747317b()   Unknown
    EasyAR.dll!00007ffb774719cc()   Unknown
    EasyAR.dll!00007ffb77477db3()   Unknown
    EasyAR.dll!00007ffb77474eb3()   Unknown
    ucrtbase.dll!00007ffbfee910b2() Unknown
    kernel32.dll!00007ffc009f7c24() Unknown
    ntdll.dll!00007ffc0148d721()    Unknown

The dynamic library load address is


Crash Information on Android

To debug a native program in Android Studio, it is required to set Debugger - Debug type to Dual (Java + Native) in Configuration.


The information when debugging with Android Studio is as below.


Input 'bt' in lldb to get crash reason and code call stack, as below.

(lldb) bt
* thread #16, name = 'samples.helloar', stop reason = signal SIGSEGV: invalid address (fault address: 0x9c40)
* frame #0: 0x0000004922f3a1d8`___lldb_unnamed_symbol3056$$ + 6088
    frame #1: 0x0000004922f38568`___lldb_unnamed_symbol3054$$ + 288
    frame #2: 0x0000004922f347f8`___lldb_unnamed_symbol2876$$ + 332
    frame #3: 0x00000049be2390c8`__pthread_start(void*) + 40
    frame #4: 0x00000049be1f04f8`__start_thread + 72

Input 'image dump sections' in lldb to get load address of section .text of the dynamic library, as below.

(lldb) image dump sections
  SectID     Type             Load Address                             Perm File Off.  File Size  Flags      Section Name
  0x00000010 code             [0x0000004922e30cfc-0x0000004923654558)  r-x  0x00256cfc 0x0082385c 0x00000006

Crash Information on MacOS/iOS

The information when debugging with XCode is as below.


Input 'bt' in lldb to get crash reason and code call stack, as below.

(lldb) bt
* thread #11, stop reason = EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x9c40)
* frame #0: 0x00000001057e7cb0 easyar`___lldb_unnamed_symbol2693$$easyar + 6984
    frame #1: 0x00000001057e5e14 easyar`___lldb_unnamed_symbol2692$$easyar + 276
    frame #2: 0x00000001057e2500 easyar`___lldb_unnamed_symbol2532$$easyar + 360
    frame #3: 0x00000001f3d60bfc libsystem_pthread.dylib`_pthread_start + 320

Input 'image list easyar' or 'image list libEasyAR.dylib' in lldb to get the dynamic library load address, as below.

(lldb) image list easyar
[  0] DF06BDD8-A8AF-3982-897D-A906EE229A4F 0x0000000105730000 /Users/<user>/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/helloar-bpvpobshgxnnwwdiryfjufioysag/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/