Setting up EasyAR Mac SDK

This article shows how to setup EasyAR non-Unity Mac projects using EasyAR package.

If you want to use EasyAR unity package, please read this for setup and this for samples.


  • XCode 6 or later (we have tested in XCode 6.4 and XCode 7.1)

Initialize EasyAR

Use EasyAR::initialize to initialize EasyAR.


Currently the Augmenter API is set to NONE in the release, which means no explicit 3D API is built in. Alternatively, you can get raw image directly from Frame API and do drawings in GL/D3D/… environment setup outside the SDK. All other APIs except video playback work the same as Android/iOS. Those missing features will be added in future releases.

You can get the image from frame like this (until 1.2.1)

Frame frame = augmenter.newFrame(tracker);
Image iamge = frame.images()[0];

or (since 1.3.0)

Frame frame = augmenter.newFrame();
Image iamge = frame.images()[0];

Other Code

The reset is to write EasyAR logics and other code. You can reference C++ code in EasyAR Android samples for more details. Most configurations and usages are same with Android native code except the Augmenter described above.