EasyAR Motion Tracking Supported Devices

Motion Tracking supported device means it has passed our certification process.

We want users to have a good experience with your phone, so it’s necessary to certify whether the quality of Motion Tracking meets our standards. Motion Tracking is very sensitive to devices, which creates the correspondence between virtual and real spaces by using a technique called Visual-Inertial Simultaneous Localization and Mapping System.

To certify each device, the camera and motion sensors are checked and accurately calibrated to ensure it performs as expected. In addition, the device needs to have a CPU that is strong enough to ensure good performance and effective real-time calculations.

With the diversity of Android devices and differences in sensor parameters, every device model need to be precisely adapted. We are working internally to make sure Motion Tracking integrates well with every model we certify to provide good experiences for users. There are still a large number of models on the market that meet the supported standards, the list of supported models will be continuously updated, more and more models not supported by ARCore also have an opportunity to experience Motion Tracking.

There are often multiple variants for a specific mobile device model. Some variants of the devices in the list may not be supported. The reasons are as follows

  • Hardware issues, for example, the removal of Gyroscope in some models.

  • Software problems, for example, the clock may be inaccurate after upgrading the system.

  • Incomplete adaptation, for example, new models of a same mobile phone are constantly being released,and these new models need to be adapted.

  • The latest calibration file has not been downloaded.

Motion Tracking supported device models


  • Hardware contains camera, gyroscope, accelerometer

  • Android 7.0 or later (some models require newer versions as noted below)

  • The calibration file is automatically loaded locally. In EasyAR Sense 4.2.0 or later, CalibrationDownloader is used for download and update of calibration data in MotionTracker. The calibration data will only take effect after reallocation of MotionTracker.





ROG Phone,ZenFone AR,ZenFone Ares

ROG Phone ll,ROG Phone 3,ZenFone 5z,

ZenFone 7 / 7 Pro,ZenFone Max M2,

ZenFone Max Pro M2,ZenFone Max Plus M2,

Zenfone Max Shot,ZenFone Live L2,

ROG Phone,ZenFone 6,ZenFone 6z,

ZenFone 5 lite,ZenFone 5,

Zenfone 3s Max,ZenFone 4,ROG Phone5 Pro,

ZenFone 4 Max,Zenfone 4 Pro,

Zenfone 4 Selfie,Zenfone 4 Selfie lite,

Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro,ROG Phone 5,

ZenFone 8 Flip,ZenFone 8,ASUS 8Z,

ROG Phone 5s,ROG Phone 5s Pro

Requires Android 8.0 or later.



Requires Android 8.0 or later.


Aquaris X2,Aquaris X2 Pro

Requires Android 8.0 or later.




GM 9 Plus


Nexus 5X,Nexus 6P,Pixel 5a 5G,

Pixel 4a,Pixel 4a(5G),Pixel 5,

Pixel,Pixel XL,Pixel2,Pixel2 XL,

Pixel3,Pixel3 XL,Pixel3a,

Pixel3a XL,Pixel4,Pixel4 XL,

Pixel6,Pixel6 Pro,Pixel 6a

HMD Global

Nokia7.1,Nokia8,Nokia8 Sirocco,

Nokia8.1,Nokia9, Nokia X7,Nokia X71,

Nokia 7 Plus,Nokia 5.1 Plus,

Nokia X5,Nokia 6.1 Plus,Nokia X6,

Nokia 6.1,Nokia 6.2,

Nokia 8.3 5G,Nokia 3.4,Nokia 9,

Nokia 7.2,Nokia 3.1C,Nokia 3.1A,

Nokia 8 V 5G UW,Nokia 5.4,Nokia X20,

Nokia X10,Nokia G20,XR20,G50 X100

Nokia 8 requires Android 8.0 or later.


Desire 21 Pro 5G,Desire 20+,U20 5G,

Desire 20 Pro


Mate20,Mate20 Pro,Mate20 lite,

Mate30e Pro,Mate40,Mate40 Pro,

Mate40 Pro+,Mate40 RS Porsche Design,

Honor X10 Max 5G,MatePad 10.8,Y9a,


Mate20 RS(PORSCHE DESIGN),Mate 10,

Nova 8 Pro,Nova 8,Mate X2,Mate 10 Pro,

Mate20 X,Nova3,Nova3i,Nova4,P20,

P20 lite,P20 Pro,P30,P30 Pro,

Honor V20,Honor10,Honor8X,Magic2,Y9,

Mate30 Pro,Mate30 Pro 5G,Mate30 5G,


Mate9 Pro,P10,P10+,Honor V10,

Honor V30,Honor V30 Pro,Honor View30,

Honor View30 Pro,Maimang7,Enjoy20 5G,

Honor20,Honor20 Pro,Honor20s,

P40 Pro,P40 Pro+,P40,Mate40E,

Honor30,Honor30 Pro,Honor30 Pro+,

Honor Note10,Honor View20,

Nova 5T,Honor 9X,Enjoy 10 Plus,

P Smart Z,Honor 9X Pro,Mate Xs,

MatePad Pro,MatePad Pro 5G,

MatePad Pro wifi,

Nova5z,Nova5i Pro,

Nova5,Nova5 Pro,Nova6,Y Max,

Nova6 5G,Nova6 SE,MediaPad M5 Lite8,

MediaPad M5 10,MediaPad M5 10 Pro,

MediaPad M5 8,

Honor note 10,Nova7 5G,

Nova7 Pro 5G,Honor play,

Honor play4 Pro,Honor play4,Enjoy Max,

Enjoy Z 5G,Enjoy 20 Pro,Honor X10 5G,

Enjoy 9 Plus,Honor 7A,Honor 9,Nova2s,

Nova2 Plus,Nova2,Honor V9,Honor magic,

Nova,Nova Plus,Honor 8,Honor note8,

Honor V8 Max,Honor 7,Mate 8,Honor V8,

P10 lite,Nova Youth,P9 Plus,P9,P50,

P50 Pro,P50 Pro+,MatePad 11 (2021),

MatePad Pro 10.8 (2021),

MatePad Pro 12.6 (2021),

MediaPad M6 10.8, MediaPad M6 8.4,Nova9,

Nova9 Pro,P50 Pocket,NZONE S7 Pro+,NZONE S7,

NZONE S7 Pro,MatePad 10.4,Mate Xs2,

P50E,Nova10,Nova10 Pro,

Mate50,Mate50E,Mate 50 pro


View 40,V40 5G,View 40 lite,X20,v40 lite,

50,50 Pro,50 Pro+,

Magic3,Magic3 Pro,Magic3 Pro+,

60,60 Pro,X30,X30 Max,

Magic V,Magic 4,Magic 4 Pro,

Magic 4 Ultimate,Magic 4 lite,X9 5G,70,

70 Pro,70 Pro+,X40, Magic V, Magic V Pro


S5,S5 Pro,HOT 9 Pro,note 6,S4,note 7,

SMART 5,note 8,Hot 10,zero 8,zero 8i,

note 10 pro,note 10 pro NFC,zero 5G,

note 11s,note 11 Pro,note 11,note 11i,

note 12,note 12i




le 2,le S3,le Pro3


Z6 Pro 5G,Z6 Pro,Z6,Z5s,Z5 Pro,A6 Note,

S5 Pro,Legion Pro,Lenovo Legion Phone Duel,

Tab P11,Tab P11 Pro,Lenovo Legion 2 Pro,

Legion Duel 2,Pad Plus,Pad,Tab P11 Plus,

Tab 11,K13 Note,K13 Pro,Yoga Tab 13,Pad Pro,

Tab P11 5G,Yoga Tab 11,K10,Tab M10 FHD Plus,

Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen) PRC,Tab M10 Plus 3rd Gen


Q6,G6,V50S ThinQ,G8X ThinQ,W30 Pro,

W10 Alpha,VELVET,Q61,Q92,WING,

Velvet 5G UW,V60S ThinQ 5G,

V60S ThinQ 5G UW,K61,

W30,W10,V50 ThinQ,G8S ThinQ,G8S,

G8 ThinQ,G8,Q9,V40 ThinQ,G7 Fit,G7 one,

G8 ThinQ,Q8 (2018),Stylo 5,Y90


Lume Pad




15,15 Plus,15 lite,U20,MX6,Pro 7,S6,

16 Plus,16X,Note 8,Pro 7 Plus,MX16,

Pro 6s,Pro 6,M6,M6 Note,16T,16s Pro,

M6T,M6s,Pro6 Plus,16Xs,16th,16th Plus,

17,Note9,17 Pro,18,18 Pro,Pro7s,

18x,18s,18s Pro


M8s,T9,MI CC 9 Meitu Edition,V6,T8s,



Moto G5S Plus,Moto G6,Moto G6 Plus,

Moto X4,Moto Z2 Force,Moto Z3,Edge S,

Moto Z3 Play,Moto G7,Moto G7+,Moto G7 Power,

Moto G7 play,Moto G8+,Moto G8 Power,

Moto G8 play,Moto z4,Moto G Stylus,

Moto G Power,One Hyper,One Macro,One Zoom,

One Action,Moto Z4,One Vision,P50,Moto One,

P30 Play,One Power,P30 Note,Moto Z3 play,

Moto P50,Moto g(8) Power lite,Moto Edge,

Moto Edge Plus,Moto G Pro,Moto G fast,

Moto One Vision Plus,Moto One fusion+,

Moto One fusion,Moto G 5G Plus,Moto one 5G,

Moto one 5G UW,Moto g9,Moto g(9) play,

Moto g9 Plus,Moto razr,Moto razr 5G,

Moto razr 2020,Moto one 5G Ace,G30,G10

G Stylus (2021),G power (2021),E7 Power,

moto G10 power,G100,G50,G60,G20,Edge 20,

Edge 20 lite,Edge 20 Pro,one 5G UW Ace,Defy 2021,

Defy Pro,G Stylus 5G,G60s,G10,G10 power,G50 5G,

G Stylus (2022),Edge X30,Edge(2021),G200 5G,

Edge S30,G100,G71,G51,G40 Fusion,G41,G31,

Tab G70,Edge 30 Pro,G22,G82,Edge 30

Moto X4 requires Android 8.0 or later.


OnePlus 3T,OnePlus 5,OnePlus 5T,

OnePlus 6,OnePlus 6T,OnePlus 7,

OnePlus 7 Pro,OnePlus 7 Pro 5G,OnePlus 7T,

OnePlus 7T Pro,OnePlus 8,OnePlus 8 Pro,

OnePlus Nord,OnePlus 8T,OnePlus 8T+ 5G,

OnePlus 8 5G,OnePlus Z,OnePlus Nord N10 5G,

OnePlus Nord N100,OnePlus 9 Pro,OnePlus 9,

OnePlus 9R,OnePlus Nord CE,OnePlus Nord N200,

OnePlus Nord 2,OnePlus 9RT,OnePlus 10 Pro,

Nord CE 2,OnePlus 10R,OnePlus Ace Racing,

OnePlus Nord 2T, OnePlus 11

OnePlus 3T requires Android 8.0 or later.


R17,R17 Pro,Reno 10X,Reno,Reno ACE,A53 5G,

Reno 3 A,Reno 4,Reno 4F,Reno 4Z,Reno 4SE,

Reno 4Lite,OPPO Reno 4 Pro,A12,A31,F17,

A72 5G,A93,realme X3,A93s 5G,

realme X3 SuperZoom,realme X50m 5G,

realme X50t 5G,realme X7 5G,realme X7 Pro,

realme X50 Pro Play,realme V5 5G,realme 6s,

realme 7 Pro,realme 7,realme 7i,

Reno A,Reno Z,Reno 5G,realme X,realme 3 Pro

realme 5,realme 5 Pro,realme Q,R15,F17 Pro,

R15 X,R15 Pro,K5,Reno 2,Reno 2 Z,

Reno 2 F,R17 Neo,Reno 3,Reno 3 5G China,

Reno 3 Pro 5G China,Reno 3 Pro,Find X,

Find X Lamborghini,F11 Pro,F15,realme X2,

realme X2 Pro,realme X50 5G,realme XT,K5,

Find X2 Pro Lamborghini,RX17 Pro,Find X2,

Find X2 Pro,A11,A11x,A5 2020,A9 2020,AX7 Pro,

realme U1,realme X50 Pro 5G,realme 5s,

realme 5i,realme 6,realme 6 Pro,realme 6i,

realme Narzo10,Reno ACE2,Reno 3 Youth 5G,

A92s,A91,A12,A7X,A9X,Find X2 lite,

Find X2 Neo,A3,A3s,realme X Youth,K3,K1,



R9sPlus,R9sk,A59s,Reno 5 Pro,Reno 5,

Reno 5 Pro+,Reno 5 4G,realme Narzo 30 Pro,

Reno 5K,A94,F19,F19 Pro,F19 Pro+,realme GT 5G,

Reno 5F,Reno 5 lite,Find X3 lite,Find X3,

Find X3 Neo,Find X3 Pro,Reno 5Z,A74,realme 8,

realme 8 Pro,realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G,Reno 5A,

realme GT Neo,Reno 5 Lite,K9 5G,A94 5G,A11k,

A53s 5G,realme 8 5G,realme V11 5G,Reno 6,

realme V15 5G,Reno 6 Pro,Reno 6 Pro+,Reno 6Z,

K9 5G,A95 5G,realme C11 2021,realme X7 Max 5G,

realme X7 pro Ultra,realme Narzo 30,realme V13,

realme Narzo 30 5G,realme Q3i,realme Q3 5G,

realme Q3 Pro 5G,realme Q3 Pro Carnival Edition,

realme GT Neo Flash,realme GT Master,

realme GT Master Explorer,realme Narzo 20,

realme Narzo 20 Pro,realme Q2,realme Q2 Pro,

realme Narzo,realme 8s,realme 8i,realme Pad,

K9 Pro,F19s,realme Narzo 50i,realme GT Neo2,

realme GT Neo2T,realme Q3s,K9s,Reno 7SE,

Reno 7z,Reno 7,Reno 7 Pro,A95,A96,Find N,

K9x,realme GT2,realme GT2 Pro,Reno 6 lite,

realme 9 pro,realme 9 pro+,realme C35,

realme Narzo 50,realme Narzo 50A,

realme Narzo 10A,realme Narzo 20A,

Find X5,Find X5 Pro,realme GT Neo3,

realme V25,OPPO Pad,realme 9,F21 Pro,

K10,K10 Pro,realme Q5,realme Q5 Pro,

realme V23,Reno 8,Reno 8 Pro,Reno 8 Pro+,

Reno 9,Reno 9 Pro,Reno 9 Pro Plus,

Reno 10 Pro Plus, Find X6,Find X6 Pro

Pad Air,realme GT Neo 3T



Requires Android 8.0 or later.


Galaxy A5 (2017),Galaxy A7 (2017),

Galaxy J5 (2017),Galaxy S7,Galaxy M21s,

Galaxy S7 edge,Galaxy S8,Galaxy S8+,

Galaxy S9,Galaxy S9+,Galaxy S10e,

Galaxy S10,Galaxy S10+,Galaxy Note8,

Galaxy Note9,Galaxy Tab S4,Galaxy Note10,

Galaxy Note10+ 5G,Galaxy Note10 5G,

Galaxy Note10+,Galaxy S10 5G,Galaxy A90 5G,

Galaxy Note20,Galaxy Note20 5G,Galaxy S20 FE,

Galaxy A51 5G UW,Galaxy M51,Galaxy S20 FE 5G,

Galaxy A42 5G,Galaxy F41,Galaxy M31 Prime,

Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020),Galaxy Tab Active3,

Samsung Galaxy M31s,Galaxy Tab S7,

Galaxy Tab S7 5G,Galaxy Tab S7+,Galaxy F62,

Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G,Galaxy Z Flip 5G,

Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G,Galaxy Z Fold2 5G,

Galaxy S20,Galaxy S20 5G,Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G,

Galaxy S20 Ultra,Galaxy S20+,Galaxy S20+ 5G,

Galaxy Fold,Galaxy Fold 5G,Galaxy Note10 lite,

Galaxy S10 lite,Galaxy A71,A71 5G,Galaxy A51,

Galaxy A51 5G,Galaxy Tab S6,Galaxy Tab S6 5G,

Galaxy Tab S6 lite,Galaxy A31,Galaxy A41,

Galaxy M21,Galaxy M31,Galaxy Z Flip,W20 5G

Galaxy Xcover Pro,Galaxy A70s,Galaxy A20s,

Galaxy M10s,Galaxy Tab Active Pro,Galaxy M62,

Galaxy A30s,Galaxy A50s,Galaxy M40,Galaxy M30,

Galaxy M30s,Galaxy M20,Galaxy M21,Galaxy A80,

Galaxy A80s,Galaxy A70,Galaxy A70s,Galaxy A60,

Galaxy A50,Galaxy A40,Galaxy A30,Galaxy A20e,

Galaxy A20,Galaxy Tab S5e,Galaxy Xcover 5,

Galaxy A8s,Galaxy A9 (2018),Galaxy A7 (2018),

Galaxy A9s,Galaxy A8(2018),Galaxy A8+(2018),

Galaxy A Quantum,Galaxy A40s,Galaxy A21s,

Galaxy A21,Galaxy A8+ (2018),Galaxy C7,

Galaxy C7 Pro,Galaxy C8, Galaxy C9 Pro,

Galaxy A6s,Galaxy A9 star,Galaxy A9 star Lite,

Galaxy S21 5G,Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G,Galaxy S21+ 5G

Galaxy A52 5G,A52,A72,Galaxy Quantum2,

Galaxy A42 5G,Galaxy F52 5G,Galaxy M42,

Galaxy M32,Galaxy Tab S7 FE,Galaxy A22,

Galaxy A22s,Galaxy F22,Galaxy Z Flip3 5G,

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G,Galaxy A52s 5G,Galaxy M31 5G,

Galaxy M52,Galaxy F42 5G,Galaxy M32 5G,

Galaxy S21 FE 5G,Galaxy Tab A8 10.5,

Galaxy A13 5G,Galaxy S22,Galaxy S22 Ultra,

Galaxy S22+,Galaxy Tab S8,Galaxy Tab S8+,

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra,Galaxy A73 5G,Galaxy A53 5G,

Galaxy A23 5G,Galaxy M23 5G,Galaxy M33 5G,

Galaxy A33 5G,Galaxy M53 5G,Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro,

Galaxy S20 FE 2022,Galaxy Z Flip4 5G,

Galaxy Z Fold4 5G,Galaxy A23 5G,Galaxy M13 5G

ALL require Android 7.0 or later,but S8,

S8+ and Note8 are not supported on android 9.0


Aquos R3,AquosR2 compact,Aquos V,Aquos zero2,

Aquos zero,Aquos R5G,sense3,sense3 basic,

sense3 Plus,Aquos V,Aquos S7,Aquos zero5G basic,

Aquos zero5G basic DX


N3,Nut Pro,Nut Pro2,Nut Pro2S,Nut Pro3,R1,



Xperia XZ Premium,Xperia XZ1,Xperia Pro,

Xperia XZ1 Compact,Xperia XZ2,Xperia 5 II,

Xperia 10 II,Xperia 5,

Xperia XZ2 Compact,Xperia XZ2 Premium,

Xperia XZ3,Xperia 5,Xperia 1,Xperia 10,

Xperia 10 Plus,Xperia 1 III,Xperia 5 III,

Xperia 10 III,Xperia Pro-I,Xperia 1 IV,

Xperia 10 IV

ALL require Android 8.0 or later.


10 5G UW,10 5G,10 Plus,10 Pro,10L,10 SE,

20 5G,20 Pro 5G,20L,20L+,FFALCON FF1


Camon 12 Pro,Phantom 9,Camon 16 Pro,

Camon 16 Premier,CAMON 17 Pro,Phantom X,

POVA 2,Camon 18i,Camon 18 Premier,

Camon 18P




NEX Dual Display Edition,NEX A,NEX S,

NEX 2,X27,X27 Pro,X20A,X20,X20Plus,X51,

S1 Prime,V20 SE,S7e,IQOO 7,Y31s 5G,Y51,

IQOO 3 Pro 5G,IQOO 5 5G,IQOO 5 Pro,V20,


NEX 3,NEX 3 5G,S1 Pro,S5,Y7s,IQOO 3,V20 2021,

IQOO 3 5G,S6 5G,Z6 5G,NEX 3S,Z5i,Z5,Z5X,v17,

V17 Neo,V17 Pro,V15 Pro,U3,V15,Y9s,Y95,

V9 6GB,Y71,IQOO Neo3,X50 lite,G1,Y70s,Y50,

Z5x 2020,Z1 Pro,V9 Pro,Y85,Y85A,X50 Pro,

X50,X50 Pro+,X23,X21,X21A,X21UD,X21i,X21s,

X9,X9i,X9s Plus,X9s,V3Max,V3Max A,V3Max +A,

X60 5G,X60 Pro 5G,Y20 2021,X60 Pro+ 5G,Y31,

S9,S9e,IQOO Neo5,IQOO Z3,X60t,V21 5G,Y70t,

IQOO neo5 Lite,Y53,Y52 5G,Y53s, V21e 5G,Y73,

X60t Pro+,S10,S10 Pro,IQOO 8,IQOO 8 Pro,

X70,X70 Pro,X70 Pro+,Y33s,IQOO Z5 Pro,

IQOO Z5,S10e,T1,T1x,Y52s,Y71t,Z5x,

IQOO neo5 SE,IQOO neo5s,IQOO 9,IQOO 9 Pro,

Y76s,Y74s,Y50t,V23e,S12,S12 Pro,V23 5G,

V23 Pro 5G,IQOO U3,Y72,NEX 5,X Fold,X Note,

IQOO neo6,X80,X80 Pro,S15,S15 Pro,IQOO neo6 SE,

T1 Pro,IQOO U1,IQOO 9 SE,X80 Pro+,IQOO Z6,

IQOO Z6 Pro,IQOO 10,IQOO 10 Pro,

IQOO 9T,Y35m IQOO 11

ALL require Android 8.0 or later.


live 4,Aris Pro


View 3 Pro,View 3,Y80


Mi8,Mi8 SE,Mi8 Explorer Edition,Mi 10i 5G,

Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G,Redmi Note 9 5G,Mi 11,

Mi10 Lite 5G,Mi10 Ultra,Redmi 10X 4G,

Mi10T lite,Mi10T,Mi10T Pro,Redmi K30 Ultra,

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max,Poco C3,Poco X3,

Poco X3 NFC,Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro,

Mi9,Mi9 SE,Mix 3,Mix 2S,POCO F1,Redmi K30s,

Mi Note10,Mi CC9 Pro,Mi CC9,Mi CC9e,

Mi9 Pro 5G,Redmi K20,Redmi K20 Pro,Mi6,

Mix 3 5G,Redmi Note 7 Pro,Redmi Note 9T 5G

Redmi Note 7,Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition,

Mi8 Pro,Mi8 UD,Mi8 lite,Mi 10,

Mi10 Pro,Black Shark 2,Black Shark 2 Pro,

Mi9 lite,Mi 9T,Mi 9T Pro,Mi Note10 lite,

Redmi Note 8 Pro,Redmi Note 8,Redmi Note 8T,

Redmi K30,Redmi K30 5G,Mi6,Mi 6X,Mi A2,

Mi A3,Mi A2 lite,Mi Play,Mi Pad 4,Mi Pad 4+,

Redmi 6 Pro,Poco X2,Mi 5s,Mi 5s Plus,

Mi10 lite zoom,Mi10 lite 5G,Poco F2 Pro,

Redmi K30 Pro,Redmi K30 Pro 5G,Redmi10X 5G,

Redmi 10X Pro 5G,Redmi K30 Pro zoom Edition,

Redmi K30i 5G,K30i,Redmi Note 9,Redmi Note 9T,

Redmi Note 9 Pro,Redmi Note 9s,Black Shark 3,

Black Shark 3 Pro,Black Shark Helo,Shark 1s,

Black Shark,Mi note2,Mi note3,Max2,Mix,Mix2,

Mi 5C,Mi 5X,Mi A1,Max,Redmi Note 5,Redmi Y1,

Redmi Note 5 Pro,Redmi Note 5A,Redmi 5Plus,

Redmi 5,Mi A3,Mi 6X,Mi A2,Mi A2 lite,Redmi 4X,

Redmi note 4,Redmi 4,Redmi 4 Pro,Redmi K40,

Redmi K40 Pro,Redmi K40 Pro+,Redmi Note 10 Pro,

Redmi Note 10,Mi 10s,Redmi K30S Ultra,

Redmi Note 10 Pro,Redmi Note 10 Pro Max,

Mi 11 lite,Mi 11 Pro,Mi 11 Ultra,Mix Fold,

Poco X3 Pro,Black Shark 4 Pro,Black Shark 4,

Mi 11X,Mi 11X pro,Mi 11i,REDMI K40 Gaming,

POCO F3,POCO F3 GT,Redmi Note 10s,

Redmi Note 10 5G,Redmi Note 10T 5G,

Redmi Note 8 2021,Poco M2 Pro,

Poco M3 Pro,Poco X3 GT,Poco M3 Pro 5G,Mix4,

Xiaomi Pad 5,Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro,Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 5G,

Mi 11T,Mi 11T Pro,Mi 11 Lite 5G NE,Mi civi,

Mi 12,Mi 12X, Mi 12 Pro,Mi 11i HyperCharge,

Mi 11i,Redmi Note 11,Redmi Note 11T,

Redmi Note 11 Pro,Redmi Note 11 Pro+,

Redmi K50 Gaming,Redmi Note 11E,Poco X4 Pro,

Redmi Note 11E Pro,Poco M3,Redmi K50,Redmi K40s,

Black Shark 4s Pro,Black Shark 4s,Redmi K50 Pro,

Redmi Note 11s,Black Shark 5 Pro,Black Shark 5Rs,

Black Shark 5,civi 1s,POCO F4,POCO F4 GT,

POCO F4 Pro,Redmi Note 11T Pro,Redmi Note 11T Pro+,

Mi 12s,Mi 12s Pro,Mi 12s Ultra,Mi 12 Lite,

Redmi K50i,Mix Fold 2,

Mi 13,Mi 13 Pro, Mi 13 lite,

Redmi K60,Redmi K60 Pro,Redmi K60E, Redmi Note 12





Axon 10 Pro 5G,Axon 10 Pro,Axon 20 5G,

Axon 10s Pro 5G,nubia Play,Axon 11,Axon 11 5G,

A20 5G,Red Magic 5G lite,Axon 20 5G Extreme,

nubia Red Magic 5G,nubia Red Magic mars rng,

Red Magic mars,nubia Red Magic 3s,Axon 11,

nubia Red Magic 3,nubia Z20,Blade V10,

Axon 9 Pro,nubia X,Blade V10 Vita,

Blade V10 Vita RU,Blade V9,Blade V8,

Blade V8 mini,Blade V8 lite,Blade V8 SE,

Axon 7,nubia Z17 mini,nubia Z17,nubia Z17s,

nubia Z17 lite,nubia Z17 miniS,nubia Z11 mini,

nubia M2,nubia Z9 Max,nubia Z18 mini,

nubia Z11 mini S,V870,Blade X1 5G,Red Magic 6 Pro,

Red Magic 6,Blade 20 5G,Axon 30,Axon 30 Pro,

Axon 30 Ultra,S30 SE,S30,S30 Pro, nubia Z30 Pro,

Blade 11 Prime,Red Magic 6R,Blade V30,

Blade V30 vita,Red Magic 5s,Voyage 20 Pro,

Red Magic 7,Blade V40,nubia Z40 Pro,

Red Magic 7 Pro,Axon 40 Ultra,Axon 40 Pro,

Red Magic 7s,Red Magic 7s Pro