HuaweiAREngineFrameSource Class


A custom frame source which connects Huawei AR Engine output to EasyAR input in the scene, providing Huawei AR Engine support using custom camera feature of EasyAR Sense.

This frame source is one type of motion tracking device, and will output motion data in a ARSession .

Huawei AR Engine Unity SDK is required to use this frame source, you need to setup Huawei AR Engine Unity SDK according to official documents.

This frame source will use AREnginesApk.Instance.IsAREngineApkReady to check availability. FrameSource.Camera and HuaweiAREngineFrameSource.WorldRoot are also required for availability check, they will be automatically picked from scene objects if not setup. To choose frame source in runtime, you can deactive Huawei AR Engine GameObjects and set all required values of all frame sources for availability check, and active Huawei AR Engine GameObjects when this frame source is chosen.

MonoBehaviour Messages

protected virtual void Awake()

protected virtual void OnEnable()

protected virtual void OnDisable()




public bool UseHighResolutionImage

If high resolution image is used as frame input. High resolution image is currently useful for Cloud SpatialMap only. There will be no benefit turn on this flag in other situation except customized algorithm filter is used.




public WorldRootController WorldRoot { get; set; }

The object Camera move against, will be automatically get from the scene or generate if not set.



public override Optional<bool> IsAvailable { get; }

If the frame source is available.

If the value equals null, FrameSource.CheckAvailability must be called and the value can be accessed after Coroutine finish. This property is used by ARComponentPicker when picking frame source.



public virtual IReadOnlyList< ARSession.ARCenterMode > AvailableCenterMode { get; }

Available center mode of the frame source.



public virtual Camera Camera { get; set; }

Camera used by the frame source in an ARSession .

Each type of frame source has its own method to check if the camera is usable, and will reject value set if the camera is not usable by the frame source. This property is used by ARComponentPicker when picking frame source to determine if the frame source is available, and some frame source will automatic pick a usable Camera from active objects in the scene in the process if the value is not set. You can set this value to a usable Camera before session start. The value cannot be changed after ARSession is ready if the frame source is selected in the session.



public virtual GameObject Origin { get; }

Origin of ARSession if the frame source can output motion tracking data.

Each type of motion tracking frame source has its own method to set the origin object containing some specific component. Some frame source will automatic pick a usable object from active objects in the scene or generate an object if the value is not set.




public virtual System.Collections.IEnumerator CheckAvailability()

Coroutine to check frame source availability when FrameSource.IsAvailable equals null.