EasyAR Spatialmap stores sparse maps created by EasyAR Sense with tags and gps informations. It supports EasyAR map management and distribution on cloud. It is not allowed to upload non-map files.

Sharing map is enabled by EasyAR spatialmap. Maps, which are uploaded to cloud by Device A, can be viewed and be relocated by Device B.

You can load your maps into your app, which you created and upload to EasyAR Spatialmap cloud by EasyAR Sense, then relocate your device in your maps.

Spatialmap Management API help you search maps, update map informations for your app and management system.

Get started

Download and run EasyAR Sense 4 Spatialmap samples.

Notes: EasyAR Sense 3, 2, 1 does not support spatialmap.

step 1), Apply an EasyAR Sense License Key. Login to "Develop Center" -> "Sense Authorization" -> "Add Sense License Key".

step 2), New a pair of <APIKey, APISecret>. Login to "Develop Center" -> "APIKey" -> "Create APIKey" -> Category -> "Spatialmap" must be checked。

step 3), Copy Spatialmap AppId. Login to "Develop Center" -> "Spatialmap" -> "Access Tuple".

step 4), Assign <APIKey, APISecret, AppId> into the sample program. and start your AR experience.

Spatialmap Management API

EasyAR sparse map can be created and uploaded to cloud by EasyAR Sense. The maps can be managed by webUI or HTTP REST APIs. Suppoted APIs includes search, delete, update and so forth.

  • 1), Maps is managed by WebUI. Login to "Develop Center" -> Spatialmap".

  • 2), Maps is managed by REST APIs.

Here is the detailed document about Spatialmap management API List.

Here is the detailed document about how to authentication and authorization about APIs, click EasyAR APIKeys Get Started to know more.

Web Service API

Spatialmap server url is as follows:

The parameters include:

  • Common signature parameters

    • Timestamp: timestamp

    • Spatialmap AppId: appId

    • API key: apiKey

    • Request signature: signature

  • API command parameters

    Common signature parameters are must, and API command's parameters are defined by specific APIs.`

Refer Signing Example for more details about API authentication.


1, Why I can not find Management API document about map uploading.

Spatialmap can only be created by EasyAR Sense. You can directly use Sense API to upload to cloud, and load into device.

2, Any limitation about EasyAR Spatialmap Usage?

We have no limitation for Pro/Enterprise License. For Basic Licenses, we limit download map from cloud 100/day. The daily usage are reset on UTC+08:00:00. Cached map in your app are not limited to load.

3, Why HTTP Status 401 returned?

Authentication and Authorization failed. It may be result from your APIKeys, which are not permit Spatialmap in ACL.