Compile and Run EasyAR iOS Samples

This article shows how to run EasyAR non-Unity iOS samples.

If you want to setup EasyAR iOS projects using EasyAR package, please read this instead.


  • XCode 14 or later (For the lowest version AppStore accepts, refer to Apple documentation)

  • ARM64-CPU-based iPhone or iPad device, or other real Apple devices (EasyAR do not support running on the simulator or ARMv7)

Open sample project using XCode



Find similar code in the samples as bellow, and follow instructions to set the key.



Now you can run the sample by clicking the following button.

Please make sure to select Generic iOS Device or some real iOS devices before compile or run. Otherwise there will be a lot of link errors for not supported for not supported architecture x86_64 or x86.


For individual features, please refer to Guides . For example, refer to EasyAR Planar Image Tracking for planar image tracking.