EasyAR Target Configuration

Targets in EasyAR

EasyAR offers a flexible target management interface. It is easy to use. You can generate EasyAR targets at runtime, and do not need to login the website to upload and download a lot of stuffs.

EasyAR manages targets in two steps.

The first step is to load configuration and setup target. For C++, you can reference ImageTarget and ObjectTarget for target details and load/unload. And for Unity, you can reference ImageTargetBaseBehaviour and ObjectTargetBaseBehaviour for the same, and additional ImageTarget-Prefab and ObjectTarget-Prefab for how to use it in the editor.

The second step is to load the target into the tracker for track. EasyAR load and unload target to the tracker in an async way, it will not block the calling thread so perform an incremental background loading.

A target loaded into the tracker will be passed by a Frame when FrameStreamer.peek called and finally form a part of the TargetInstance.