EasyAR 1.1.0 includes many user experience improvements and full support of Unity 5. It also has many improvements with Unity interface and video playback.

We have added many samples both Unity side and native side, simple to run. These samples demonstrate various methods of target creation, and video playback including streaming video and transparent video. There are also some advanced topics for real-time target creation from camera image and building a 3D coloring book.

Unity sample code and SDK are packed separately from this release, you can find links on the website.

Most markers in the samples can be played with SightPlus using cloud recognition. Many of them are interesting AR Games. Download SightPlus from http://www.sightp.com and enjoy!

Detailed changes made since EasyAR 1.0.1 include the following.

+ added more samples (in separate packages)
+ added transparent video support
+ full Unity 5 support
+ Unity: added/refined many interfaces
+ Unity: added interface to get synchronized Frame
+ Unity: added option to set Target or Augmenter as world center (option can be found on Augmenter object)
+ Unity: export ARBuilder script to offer a reference for building EasyAR from scratch
* better video player support (interface has changed)
* better support for front camera and dynamic camera switch
* Unity: better support for ImageTarget on inspector panel
* Unity: better error report and user guide for first use
* Unity: fixed display when Target transform change
* Unity5: fixed white screen on iOS
* other refines and bug fixes
* splitted Unity sample to separate package