TargetInstance Class


TargetInstance is the tracked target by trackers.

An TargetInstance contains a raw Target that is tracked and current status and pose of the Target.


C: void easyar_TargetInstance__ctor(easyar_TargetInstance * * Return)
C++11: TargetInstance()
Traditional C++: TargetInstance()
Java: public TargetInstance()
Objective-C: + (easyar_TargetInstance *) create
Swift (since EasyAR SDK 2.1.0): public convenience init()


Returns current status of the tracked target. Usually you can check if the status equals Tracked to determine current status of the target.

C: easyar_TargetStatus easyar_TargetInstance_status(const easyar_TargetInstance * This)
C++11: TargetStatus status()
Traditional C++: TargetStatus status()
Java: public native /* TargetStatus */ int status()
Objective-C: - (easyar_TargetStatus)status
Swift (since EasyAR SDK 2.1.0): public func status() -> TargetStatus


Gets the raw target. It will return the same Target you loaded into the tracker is it was previously loaded into a tracker.

C: void easyar_TargetInstance_target(const easyar_TargetInstance * This, easyar_Target * * Return)
C++11: std::shared_ptr<Target> target()
Traditional C++: void target(Target * * Return)
Java: public native Target target()
Objective-C: - (easyar_Target *)target
Swift (since EasyAR SDK 2.1.0): public func target() -> Target?


Returns current pose of the tracked target.

C: easyar_Matrix34F easyar_TargetInstance_pose(const easyar_TargetInstance * This)
C++11: Matrix34F pose()
Traditional C++: Matrix34F pose()
Java: public native Matrix34F pose()
Objective-C: - (easyar_Matrix34F *)pose
Swift (since EasyAR SDK 2.1.0): public func pose() -> Matrix34F


Returns current pose in OpenGL coordinates and matrix format of the tracked target.

C: easyar_Matrix44F easyar_TargetInstance_poseGL(const easyar_TargetInstance * This)
C++11: Matrix44F poseGL()
Traditional C++: Matrix44F poseGL()
Java: public native Matrix44F poseGL()
Objective-C: - (easyar_Matrix44F *)poseGL
Swift (since EasyAR SDK 2.1.0): public func poseGL() -> Matrix44F