ImageTarget Prefab


The ImageTarget prefab is an empty object with a ImageTargetBaseBehaviour.

If you want to see the object or adjust the object size visually, you can put an image texture onto the object. Generally, you would like to put the target image onto it so that you can see the target and 3D contents on top of it at the same time.

You can set a few values that can be used by the ImageTargetBaseBehaviour.Start.

string Path
string Name
Vector2 Size
StorageType Storage
bool ActiveTargetOnStart

See ImageTargetBaseBehaviour for more details.

Target Size

Target size and transform.localScale are linked. transform.localScale = new Vector3(Math.Max(Size.x, Size.y), Math.Max(Size.x, Size.y), Math.Max(Size.x, Size.y)). You can change each dimension of the size arbitrarily. When Lock Size Ratio is checked, the size ratio will be kept unchanged and modify either Size.x or Size.y will lead to the change of the other value.

If ActiveTargetOnStart is true, only none-{0, 0} value will be used to initialize the target size. Otherwise the target will get its size from json file or the image resolution.

ImageTargetBaseBehaviour Loader

Loader can be set to load the target at start. It has the same effect to call Bind(ImageTargetBaseBehaviour) when it is set.