EasyAR 1.3.0 has a few new features and some improvements. Major highlights are,

  1. Multi-target support.

    EasyAR now allows you to track multiple targets simultaneously. You can use one tracker to do that, or use multiple trackers when targets are loaded into different trackers. And you can change the maximum number of simultaneous tracked target at runtime. Please reference EasyAR Multi-Target for more detailed descriptions.

  2. Interface changes for more flexible use.

    We have adjusted a few interfaces while the basic framework stays unchanged, and for Unity, added more prefabs to show how to use EasyAR prefabs like building blocks.

  3. Detection and tracking optimization, reduce shakiness.

  4. Performance optimization and power reduction.

Detailed changes are as bellow,

+ added multi-target support
+ added a few samples to show typical multi-target usages
+ added a sample to do tracking and read QR code simultaneously
+ improved detection and tracking, reduced shakiness
+ optimized algorithms for power reduction
+ added interface to draw directly into texture
+ added interface to explicitly flip camera input horizontally
+ added interface to disable automatic Android rotation detection
+ added interface to set rotation externally
+ Unity: optimized rendering performance
+ Unity: added many prefabs to show how to combine basic prefabs
+ Unity: added EasyARBehaviour for input key and initialize, and use explicit pause/resume/quit handlers
+ Unity: added an option to show/hide RealityPlane
+ Unity: added interface to open camera with index
+ Unity: added interface to set rotation offset for customized hardware
+ Unity: changed AugmentedTarget interface, to support user defined pose filter at FrameUpdate
+ Unity: changed Target event handling interface
* some interfaces are changed
* fixed memory leak when switching between scenes
* fixed fake target found after pause resume
* fixed target detection when loaded using transparent PNG images
* fixed initialize fail with key containing white spaces
* fixed iOS & mac camera display error at some resolutions
* fixed native iOS sample crash when enter background
* Unity: fixed ImageTarget mesh display when image has a larger height than width
* Unity: fixed reset target in OnFound event
* Unity: fixed white frames after camera open
* Unity: fixed TargetOnTheFly & Coloring3D samples in Augmenter center mode
* Unity: fixed TargetOnTheFly sample crash in some conditions