EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin is a very thin wrapper build above EasyAR Sense C# API to expose EasyAR Sense features into Unity. See EasyAR Sense 4.3.0 release note.

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin 4.3.0 use Unity’s package to organize itself. This version has simplified the build process configuration and plugin upgrade procedure. Starting from this version, only Unity 2019.4 and later versions are supported.

Detailed changes are as bellow,

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin

++ Replace Asset Package with Unity Package, compatible with Unity 2019.4 and later, older Unity versions are not supported
+ iOS: configure bitcode automatically, XCode project modifications are no longer necessary
+ iOS: use frameworks of dynamic libraries from Sense, XCode project modifications of adding frameworks are no longer necessary
+ Android: use aar files from Sense, with proguard rule inside
+ Android: Android Manifest inside Plugins folder is no longer used, add options to control permission according to features in use
+ ARCore: replace the ARCore SDK distributed with the plugin using official ARCore SDK 1.6 aar file
+ ARCore: add ARCore usage control option, this solves confliction with AR Foundation
* merge menu items

EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin Samples

* remove video playback workaround for older Unity versions
* fix custom camera sample fail to open camera on some Android devices