How to authenticate in apps using APIKeys

  • In general

All of EasyAR API would be authenticated by Access Token (generated by <APIKey, APISecret> to access it’s data.

Each account is allowed to create many pairs of <APIKey, APISecret>. We encourage request Access Token, then request the app api。

APIKey already support all of EasyAR Cloud service such as Spatialmap, CRS, AI and OC. Traditional appKey is also support for CRS.

  • How to use API Keys

1, Login EasyAR Developer Center, and click APIKey on left panel, then create an API Key

2, For Key security, we support apply independent API Key and set minimum permission for your each Application.

3, Enter your <APIKey, APISecret> into your EasyAR Sense

4, Request API: getToken to get access token, and request cloud service by putting token in HTTP Header: { “Authorization” : “Your-TOKEN” }

You can use following samples to get token here: